Mac Deployment - First Boot Settings

Once we have our freshly imaged Mac (from Mac Deployment using AutoDMG Imagr & bsdpy) we need to do a few tasks to get it in a state ready for our user:

  1. Create a local Admin accounts
  2. Run our deployment tool Munki as many times as required until everything is installed
  3. Set any initial settings
  4. Bind to our directory
  5. Suppression of OS X’s first boot setup screens
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Mac Deployment Using AutoDMG Imagr & Bsdpy

For quite a while we’ve been relying on Deploy Studio to image and do the bootstrapping of munki, binding to AD, creating the admin accounts etc. Deploy Studio is great, and I don’t really care that’s it’s not Open Source, but it only runs on a Mac and we are trying to eradicate them from our datacentre.

I recently gave a talk at XWorld ( showing how we manage our fleet of Macs using open source solutions. I wanted to cover the first part in more detail as I have yet to find a guide on the net that covers it all.

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